Interviews and Commentary

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Omar M. Dajani Interview
Omar M. Dajani

He served as senior legal advisor to the Palestinian negotiating team from 1999–2001 while working in the Palestinian Territories. This was during the last phase of peace talks with Israel.
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Catherine Crier Interview
Catherine Crier
Court TV Anchor

She was elected the youngest state judge in Texas in 1984 in addition to serving as a civil litigation attorney, Felony Chief Prosecutor, and Assistant District Attorney. Crier now serves as an anchor for Court TV News.
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Linda Greenhouse Interview
Linda Greenhouse
Supreme Court authority

She is the nation’s prominent authority on the thinking and actions of the U.S. Supreme Court. Linda Greenhouse writes about the fascinating and diverse topics at the forefront of America’s justice system.
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Paul Levine Interview
Paul Levine
Crime thriller author

Paul Levine’s life has been one adventure after another, affording him ample writing material. His edge and humor pervade his work. He has been a trial lawyer, law professor, and newspaper reporter.
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Attorney Interviews

Mario Madrid, Associate Judge and private practice attorney in Houston, TX

11/2012 - I began my career as an Assistant District Attorney in Galveston County. I gained valuable experience and had the opportunity to try many cases. When I chose to open my own practice it was a natural progression to stay in the criminal justice arena as a defense attorney. [ Read More ]

Randolph Wolf, on the status of medical marijuana in New Jersey

10/2012 - Since 2010, only one out of six marijuana dispensaries, the Greenleaf Compassion Center in Montclair, has been licensed to grow marijuana. Many have criticized Christie and his administration for delaying – and perhaps even trying to prevent – medical marijuana from becoming available. Christie first demanded a detailed review of the program and has been accused of essentially rewriting the medical marijuana law through the regulatory process with the New Jersey Department of Health to provide more specific regulation. [ Read More ]

Myra Berman

11/2012 - The medical profession has for some time been addressing this disparity between academic training and worldly application by creating intern and residency programs; however, the world of law has become complacent with churning out formally qualified students with little hands-on experienc. Professor Myra Berman, Director of the Collaborative Court Programs (CCP) by Touro Law Center in New York, discusses what may be the new face of law education.
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