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Court Technology Forum
Written by court technologists for court technologists.

Nationwide directory of state and federal courts, with editorial content on court-related matters

Deposition Guide, The: A Practical Handbook for Witnesses
Written by Larry Johnson, a Seattle attorney with 24 years trial experience, The Deposition Guide is a fast and comprehensive must-read for anyone whose deposition is about to be taken in a civil case. Know your rights.

Famous American Trials (by Doug Linder)
The Web's largest and most visited collection of original essays, images, and primary documents pertaining to great trials.

Federal Civil Trials Database
A database of 3.7 million federal civil district cases that terminated over the last 17 years.

Federal Courts Finder (Emory Law School)
A graphical interface provides point-and-click ease of use. Digital text of each Circuit's decisions.

Federal Judiciary Homepage
A clearinghouse for information and news about the Federal Courts.

FIJA - Fully Informed Jury Association
The FIJA Web site provides information for all Americans about their rights, powers and responsibilities when serving as trial jurors.

Gavel to Gavel
A production of Florida State University's public television channel WFSU-TV. Offers live, unedited audio broadcasts of the oral arguments of the Florida Supreme Court. The scheduled oral arguments are presented live on the Internet during the first full week of each month starting at 9:00 A.M. EST. Each day's coverage continues uninterrupted until adjournment. Includes broadcast archives.

Guide to Understanding the Judicial Branch of the Government, A
The purpose of this book, Understanding the Judicial Branch of the Government, is to take a rather narrow view of the Judicial Branch of the government in order to better understand its daily function in our communities.

Guide to the U.S. Constitution & Legal System
By the Law Library of Congress, a guide to the United States Constitution providing Texts & Commentaries, Related Historical Texts, and Supreme Court Decisions on Constitutional Law.

iCourthouse is for attorneys, members of the legal academic community, nonattorneys who are interested in the legal system and justice, and tens of thousands of member jurors. The content primarily consists of cases filed by litigants, along with the verdicts, comments, and questions posed by jurors participating in the cases. The public at large may file cases at iCourthouse for free, and anyone may register to become an iCourthouse juror who can access these cases for free. iCourthouse also offers a product for attorneys, JurySmart, that allows attorneys to file a case for evaluation by the iCourthouse jurors and then receive a written report with case results including a demographic profile of the jurors who participated in the case.

Federal Judicial Center
First, biographical dbase of all federal judges since 1789. Search by name or
by characteristic, such as nominating president or gender. Second, library of
manuals and monographs on federal law and litigation -- not available for
download in .pdf format.

Jury Verdict Research
Jury verdict and settlement database of personal injury claims and employment practice awards. Trends, statistics, plaintiff/defense claims, and case summaries.

Lawsuits Search - Free (KnowX: Search Engines)
KnowX provides a comprehensive source for Public Records (including Lawsuits and other Law-Related Searches) on the Internet. Of particular interest is the "Lawsuits" database, which provides records from courts throughout the United States. KnowX does not currently offer a database which includes information on US District Courts. KnowX databases contain millions of records, each compiled from official sources and updated regularly. Many searches are free; others require a fee.

LexisNexis - CourtLink
Primary uses for CourtLink include litigation history, discovery, case management and background checks. CourtLink allows researchers access to the most current court records. You can obtain case summaries, names, dockets, judgments, claims, creditors and charges, stack multiple searches and combine federal and state search results on one report. Develop strategic profiles of parties involved in a case, gain insight into a public company's litigation history, attorney experience on a particular nature or suit, and map out federal litigation trends.

National Center for State Courts

Online Access to Federal Court Opinions
A menu of links to federal circuits making opinions accessible via the Internet. This site is maintained by Charles J. Goetz, Professor of Law at the University of Virginia.

OYEZ - Listen to U.S. Supreme Court Arguments
OYEZ contains more than 2000 hours of Supreme Court audio and hundreds of briefs of the Supreme Court's most important constitutional cases. Each brief offers a hot-link to the FindLaw database, where the complete text of each opinion may be read. For cases heard since 1956, OYEZ provides the authentic Real-Audio recordings of oral arguments and the Court's announcement of its opinion. Moreover, OYEZ provides biographical sketches of all the justices, summaries of what happened in the Court on any given day since its founding, the ability to search for cases by their U.S. citation, title, party names, subject, and/or docket number, and a virtual reality tour of the Court and its surroundings.

Rules of Civil Procedure (LII, Cornell)

Rules of Evidence (LII, Cornell)

Rules of the Supreme Court of the United States (LII, Cornell)

Supreme Court Justices on The Role of the Judiciary
During the Rule of Law Symposium on Nov. 10, 2005, attendees were able to
take part in a lively and rare public discussion among Supreme Court Justices
Anthony M. Kennedy, Stephen G. Breyer and Sandra Day O’Conner. Watch
and listen in to their comments not only about rule of law, but on such topics
as cameras in the courtroom and an independent judiciary. The event was
moderated by Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals Judge Robert H. Henry.

Supreme Court of the United States
Official site of the Supreme Court of the United States. Includes recent opinions, calendar, court rules, case handling guides, bar admissions, and public information.

Titanic Virtual Trial, The
A mock trial site to help illustrate in a fun interactive manner how the U.S. legal system works and the important role played by the people who serve on juries. One of our very important civic obligations is to participate as jurors in the legal system when called upon to serve.

U.S. Constitution
From Findlaw. With annotations from the Congressional Research Service, Library of Congress. Case annotations linked to cited Supreme Court cases.

U.S. Supreme Court (Cornell - LII)
The Legal Information Institute offers Supreme Court opinions under the auspices of Project Hermes, the court's electronic-dissemination project. This archive contains (or will soon contain) all opinions of the Court issued since May of 1990. In addition, the LII's collection of over 580 of the most important historical decisions of the Court is available on CD-ROM and (with reduced functionality) over the Net.

U.S. Supreme Court Cases (FindLaw)
A database of U.S. Supreme Court opinions from 1893 to the present, with selected earlier decisions, searchable by citation, party name and full-text. Hyperlinks between cited decisions.

USSC+Online - Case Name Search Form
Search 21,699 cases dating from 1879 in the USSC+ collection by case name. The Case Name Lookup Form will search the database for the case name and return a form that will state the number of decisions (i.e. "records") found. If the search yields at least one hit, you may then View the case(s).

VerdictSearch allows you to search the results of civil cases. A search can be narrowed to query a particular case, judge, attorney, expert witness, or jury verdict/awards. A search may be broadened to find how juries are returning verdicts on particular causes of action, i.e. deceptive trade. In contrast to in-house research, a query online goes right to the core of a search. Verdicts and settlement news to meet the needs of the trial law and advocacy community.

Washington State Supreme Court (TVW) - Listen to Oral Arguments.
TVW is a non-profit, state-level public affairs network for Washington State, comparable to C-SPAN. This site provides Real-Audio recordings of oral arguments. When issued, written decisions of the Washington Supreme Court will be posted next to the case.

WestLaw service offerings: WestLaw ResultsPlus - Improves your case-law searches by automatically providing ALR articles and Key Number resources related to your search. WestLaw Litigator - Combines traditional content with practical tools for case evaluation and settlement negotiation to help litigators make smarter decisions. WestLaw Profiler - Provides crucial background information on opposing counsel, judges and expert witnesses.