Law Journals and Periodicals:

American Indian Law Review
The oldest periodical dedicated solely to Native American issues.

California Criminal Law Review
The California Criminal Law Review is a full-text online criminal law review, produced quarterly by the students and faculty of UC Berkeley's Boalt Hall School of Law. Articles are posted in html, with links between text and footnotes, and whenever possible, links from the footnotes to online versions of sources cited. The Review is available free of charge.

California Law Review

Columbia Law Review

Computer Law Review and Technology Journal
Presented by SMU Law School and the Computer Section of the State Bar of Texas, the Computer Law Review and Technology Journal publishes articles dealing with substantive law issues regarding computers and also articles of interest to users of computers.

Cornell Law Review
The Law Review has been infused with the talents of diverse and committed individuals.

Current Index to Legal Periodicals - University of Washington
Over 500 University Legal Publications, and Other Law Journals. The Current Index to Legal Periodicals (CILP) is a not-for-profit publication that has been prepared on a weekly basis by the Law Librarians and Staff of the Marian Gould Gallagher Law Library since 1948. Through a list of 100 subject headings, CILP provides timely topical access to over 500 university legal publications, and other law journals. In addition, CILP provides full tables of contents of all journals indexed. CILP is available 4-6 weeks before commercial legal periodicals indexes such as ILP, CLI and LRI. CILP strives to povide researchers with the fastest, most cost-effective current awareness tool available.

CyberTimes, Cyber Law Journal - New York Times
Cyber Law Journal reflects on the legal issues raised by the Internet, including copyrights and trademarks, privacy, freedom of expression and restrictions on pornography and other content. The column runs on Fridays.

Duke Law Journal
Duke Law Journal contains selected articles which use hypertext as a means of annotating and indexing the texts. Published six times per year from October through April, excluding January.

FindLaw Library
You will find a comprehensive library of legal publications - all available on the Internet free of charge. Educators, librarians, and students have direct access to thousands of research and reference materials. The FindLaw Library contains more than 20,000 documents from government agencies, law firms, bar associations and legal publishers. Browse articles, newsletters, and books -- all organized under both topic and publisher.

Georgetown Law Journal
Publishes articles on timely issues by professors and practitioners, solicits reviews of recent books, coordinates symposia on important topics, and produces thoughtful student notes.

Harvard Law Review
The Harvard Law Review is a student-run organization whose primary purpose is to publish a journal of legal scholarship. The Review comes out monthly from November through June. Aside from serving as an important academic forum for legal scholarship, the Review has two other goals. First, the journal is designed to be an effective research tool for practicing lawyers and students of law. Second, it provides opportunities for Review members to develop their own editing and writing skills. Accordingly, each issue contains pieces by student editors as well as outside authors.

Howard Journal of Criminal Justice
Published on behalf of The Howard League for Penal Reform, The Howard Journal of Criminal Justice is concerned with all major aspects of the criminal justice process, penal policy and crime prevention. The Howard Journal of Criminal Justice is a social science journal combining articles with comments and reviews, providing a thorough coverage of both the theory and practice of criminal justice and the study of crime and criminals.

Index to Legal Periodicals & Books
Index to Legal Periodicals & Books, produced by The H.W. Wilson Company, is a bibliographic database that cites articles from legal periodicals and indexes law books published in 1993 and later. Periodical coverage includes law reviews, bar association journals, university publications, yearbooks, institutes, and government publications.

Journal of Law and Technology - UCLA
The Journal of Law and Technology is an online journal dedicated to publishing timely and relevant materials addressing the law's attempts to keep pace with the ever expanding horizon of technological innovation. These materials include traditional scholarly articles and comments, practical advice and "heads-ups" from attorneys broaching the cutting edge, and links to other sites on the Web that are tackling similar issues.

Journal of Online Law - William and Mary
The Journal of Online Law ("JOL") is an electronic publication of scholarly essays about law and online communications -- law and cyberspace. "Scholarly essays" means thoughtful, readable pieces that analyze current trends in the law and predict future disputes and problems. This site aims at concisely framing and exploring the key legal issues arising from networked communication; at speculating a bit about future trends; and in general, at trying to bring interested readers some interesting reading.

Law & Politics Outta' Line
Law & Politics Outta' Line is the online companion to Minnesota Law & Politics, published twelve times a year by BRJG Publishing. This site provides interesting and informative articles, letters to the editors (with an online submission form), CLE information, classifieds and a legal search.

Law Library Resource Xchange - LLRX
The Law Library Resource Xchange is a continuously updated Web page for legal professionals with a focus on research technology and the Web. With new Features, Columns, Departments and Extras each month, it provides a wealth of practical information to navigate the challenges of conducting research on the Web, as well as commentary, continuing education and seminar reviews and documentation, and hypertext links to legal topics relevant to information professionals.

Law and Policy
Published in association with The Baldy Center for Law and Social Policy, SUNY Buffalo. Law and Policy publishes innovative contributions to contemporary policy dialogues. Articles draw upon social science to analyse the role of law in public policy and to suggest changes or reformulations using applied analyses of relevant data or creative theoretical overviews, to reconceptualize problems or policies. The journal embraces a variety of disciplinary perspectives and research methodologies and encourages the analysis of legal policy issues in countries worldwide, as well as the United States and Great Britain.

Lawyers Weekly
Lawyers Weekly newspapers are read by over 130,000 law professionals each week. This site provides free daily full-text opinions from a number of state courts, hot legal news and headlines, a collection of valuable yet hard-to-find legal documents, searchable archives of back issues, a special section for New Lawyers, a popular classifieds section, and much more.

Legal Studies Forum

Los Angeles Law On-Line

MARGINS: Maryland's Interdisciplinary Law Journal on Race, Religion, Gender and Class - University of Maryland
Margins creates a meaningful forum in which to explore the intersection between the law and its impact upon individuals and communities along the lines of race, religion, gender, and class. Margins was conceived as neither leftist nor conservative, but dedicated to providing a forum for scholarly inquiry and discourse from a wide spectrum of academic and practical expertise.

Michigan Law Review - University of Michigan
Published eight times per year. Each issue ordinarily is composed of two major parts. The first part features articles by legal scholars and practitioners; the second part is devoted to Notes written by the student editors.

Modern Law Review
Authoritative and accessible, for over sixty-five years The Modern Law Review has been providing a unique forum for the critical examination of contemporary legal issues and the law as it functions in society. One of the leading journals in its field, The Modern Law Review is noted for its progressive, reformist approach and its commitment to placing the study of law within a wider intellectual tradition.

New York Law Journal
The New York Law Journal is updated daily with New York's top legal news stories and the full text of leading court decisions from the state and federal courts. The New York Law Journal provides the right combination of complete legal news coverage and in-depth analyses of how successful lawyers do what they do, whether in big firms, corporate counsel settings, or government service.

New York University Law Review
The NYU Law Review offers full-text versions of all published Articles and Notes beginning with Volume 73 in PDF format. It also has contact information for the staff and information a propos the journal itself, its policies, and requirements for submissions.

Northwestern University Law Review
A student organization whose primary purpose is to publish a journal of broad legal scholarship in four issues each year. Student editors make the editorial and organizational decisions and select articles submitted by professors, judges, and practitioners, as well as student pieces. In addition to individual contributions, the Law Review has a history of special symposium issues on a broad range of important topics.

San Francisco Attorney
Published six times per year, San Francisco Attorney is the official publication of the Bar Association of San Francisco. Contributors include the Bay Area's most prestigious legal experts, whose in-depth coverage of topics ranges from "cyberlaw" to workplace violence, diversity in the profession, discussions of legislation and trends in law office administration.

Stanford Agora
The Stanford Agora seeks to bridge the gap between the law and other academic disciplines by examining central issues in contemporary society via a symposium format that incorporates a broad range of interdisciplinary approaches to law. By exploring the interrelationship of these disciplines, Agora hopes to open legal discourse to perspectives beyond those traditionally heard in most law journals.

Stanford University Law Review
Articles downloadable in PDF format.

Texas Law Review - University of Texas

Third Branch, The
Newsletter of the Federal Courts.

University of Chicago Law Review
The Law Review serves as a forum for the expression of ideas of leading professors, judges and practitioners, as well as students.

University Law Review Project
Sign up to receive abstracts of new law review articles, submit an abstract for distribution, full text search of law journals on the Internet, and a list of journals by topic.

University of Pennsylvania Law Review
Each year, the Law Review publishes six issues covering a range of legal topics.

Virginia Journal of Law and Technology
The Virginia Journal of Law and Technology provides experience and insights into issues at the intersection of the Law and Technology from members of the legal community and members of the scientific community.

Virginia Law Review
Publishes eight issues per year covering interrelated subjects of more general concern. Articles are timely, universal, or both; and provide helpful, analytical tools for dealing with legal problems.

Web Journal of Current Legal Issues
The Web Journal of Current Legal Issues is published bi-monthly on the Web. The focus of the journal is on current legal issues in judicial decisions, law reform, legislation, legal research, policy related socio-legal research, legal information, information technology and practice. The Journal is associated with Blackstone Press Ltd.

Western Criminology Review, The
The Western Criminology Review is the official journal of the Western Society of Criminology. It is a free, peer reviewed, scholarly journal devoted to the study of law, crime, criminology and criminal justice. Publications can include text, tables, graphics, sound, and related media.

Yale Law Journal
Published monthly from October through June, excluding February.

Global Law Journals & Periodicals