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Finding People

AnyWho (AT&T)

Offers investigative and legal professionals a fully integrated online service which provides access to billions of public records and information.

KnowX - The Ultimate People Finder
KnowX searches Death, Real Property Tax and Refinance, and Residence Directory public record databases. Use KnowX to locate a person's address, phone number, gender, date of birth, type of residence, length of time spent at the residence, average household income and the names of household members. KnowX also offers searches of Corporate, Professional Licenses, Business, and Sales Tax Databases.

Search Systems - Public Records Online
Public Records organized by U.S. Nationwide, U.S. Statewide and Regional, Canadian Nationwide, Canadian Provinces, U.S. Territories, Worldwide, Europe and Asia. Over 4000 Free searchable public record databases.

Skip Tracing Services (I.C.U. Inc.)
Trying to find someone? I.C.U. delivers or you don't pay. I.C.U. Inc is a full service private investigation firm in operation since 1988. I.C.U. offers investigations, surveillance, theft investigations, background checks, pre-employment screening, workers compensation investigations, skip tracing, covert camera systems, information services, repossessions, employee honesty shops, skip tracing seminars, and loss prevention seminars.


US offers a comprehensive, single access point to a broad range of information for asset verification, people and business locating, fraud prevention and employment screening. Using US services, clients can obtain addresses, aliases, phone numbers, property ownership, court records, judgments, license verification, corporate affiliations and date of death information. All services are quick, easy and inexpensive, and all are highly automated for fast response and low cost.

VitalChek Network
VitalChek Network has an internet, voice and fax network setup to help people get a certified copy of a birth certificate, death certificate, marriage certificate and other vital records. VitalChek provides the information on how to obtain a vital record from VitalChek's listing of participating agencies.

Vital Records Information - United States
An easy to navigate database for state government addresses to request vital records including birth, marriage, divorce, and death information.

Yahoo People Search

Finding Businesses

Google Maps
Interactive maps that are draggable, a slider to zoom in and out, locate a neighborhood business using keywords (for example, enter "pizza" to find the names, addresses, ph #, of neighborhood pizza restaurants and delivery), directions and keyboard shortcuts. No more waiting to zoom or reload adjacent parts of the map. It's like a regular street map but more dynamic.

Hoover's Online - The ultimate source for company information
A database containing company profiles plus free access to records of public and private companies.

Pretrieve - Pretrieve is a search engine designed to make finding information about a person or business from free public record sites faster and easier. Pretrieve provides categorized links that deliver users directly to their search results - not simply to the home page.

Pretrieve spans the gap between ad hoc searches and paid search products by providing users with an intuitive interface that delivers meaningful results.

Researching Companies Online
A step-by-step tutorial for finding free company and industry information online. This online course will enable you to: Locate High-Level Company Information; Find Sales Prospects; Identify Telephone Numbers and Addresses; Locate Company Home Pages; Research Company Financial Information; Monitor Company News and Periodicals; Review Public Opinion; Use Business and Financial Meta-sites; Locate Professional Associations; Find Conferences and Seminars; Learn about an Industry; Research Nonprofit Organizations; and Identify International Business Resources.

Telephone Directories on the Web - Detailed guide to online phone books with links to Yellow Pages, White Pages, Business Directories, Email Addresses and Fax Listings from all around the world.

Finding Ancestors

Cyndi's List - of Genealogy Sites on the Internet
Nearly 200,000 links to genealogy sources and growing every day.

FamilySearch Internet Genealogy Service
Millions of names. Search for your ancestors. Includes research aids.