International and Other Countries Law:

  • Access to Justice Network
    This site includes Canadian law and justice resource materials.
  • AIB - Gruppo di studio sulle pubblicazioni ufficiali...
    Documentazione di fonte pubblica...Documentazione di settore...Italian Official publications and legal resources, edited by the Italian Library Association. Mainly in Italian.
  • AmbienteDiritto
    Legal site dedicated to italian environmental rights. An internal search engine helps to find laws, international conventions, and judicial decisions.
  • American Society of International Law (ASIL)
  • Área Científica de Direito (ESTIG/IPBeja)
    Digital platform of the Law Department of ESTIG/Beja Polytechnic, includes the largest legal web guide available in Portuguese.
  • Asia - Legal Resource Centre
    By the University of Melbourne
  • Asian Law Links
  • ASIL Guide to Electronic Resources for International Law
    The ASIL Guide to Electronic Resources for International Law is an experimental project under continuing development. Guide Sections include United Nations; Human Rights; Lists, Newsgroups, Networks; Treaties; International Environmental Law; and International Criminal Law.
  • Auswahl rechtswissenschaftlicher Datenbanken im Internet
    This collection is classified into specific legal domains and the law of certain nations. It comprises annotated links particularly to the law of Germany, certain european states and the US, with strong emphasis placed on sources to international law and especially to the Law of Nations and the Law of European Integration (European Union).
  • Bilingual Laws Information System
    Online Laws of Hong Kong database provided by the Department of Justice, Hong Kong SAR Government. Complete, up-to-date collection of all Hong Kong ordinances and subsidiary legislation freely available in both Chinese and English. Texts of past legislation since 30 June 1997 retained as separate versions. Also includes related constitutional documents, lists of international agreements applicable to the HKSAR and bilingual glossaries of legal terms.
  • CommonLII - Commonwealth Legal Information Institute
    Free access to browsing and searching databases for commonwealth and common law countries.
  • CompactLaw - Free legal information for England and Wales
    Free, concise and independent legal information for the public. This easy to navigate site features topics separated into Q&A and FactSheet sections. Extras include the latest figures on court fees, legal tips, articles, links and more.
  • Consolidated Statutes and Regulations - Canada
    Templates for basic and advanced searching of statutes and regulations.
  • Convention on the International Sale of Goods (CISG)
    The CISG is an international counterpart to Article 2, the sales article of the U.S. UCC. This treaty has been adopted by all of the NAFTA countries, virtually all of Europe, China, Argentina, Australia, etc. -- countries that account for two-thirds of all world trade. The Pace University School of Law offers an electronic library on the CISG. This website contains a bibliography with thousands of citations, a large collection of full texts of commentaries, catalogued legislative history data on the treaty and, as stated by a U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, it is a "promising source" for "persuasive authority from courts of other States party to the CISG" ( n.14 of 144 F.3d 1384 or 1998 U.S. App. LEXIS 14782 ).
  • Council of Europe
    The Council of Europe acts as a political anchor and human rights watchdog for Europe's post-communist democracies, assists the countries of central and eastern Europe in carrying out and consolidating political, legal and constitutional reform in parallel with economic reform, and provides know-how in areas such as human rights, local democracy, education, culture and the environment.
  • Delia Venables Legal Resources
    Provides information on legal resources online in the UK and Ireland, including free caselaw resources, an A to Z set of legal resources by topic, information on the legal publishers,sources of legal current awareness, lists of solicitors and barristers with links to their web sites, information on expert witnesses, legal journals,educational resources, free legal information for individuals and a means of starting legal research across Europe and elsewhere.
  • Democracia Digital
    A non-profit project, focusing on political and legal issues in the Costa Rica and Latin American context. In spanish with english transaltion available.
  • Department of International Law
    The Department of International Law is a division of the Secretariat for Legal Affairs and, among other functions, renders advice and legal services to the General Assembly, the Meeting of Consultation of Ministers of Foreign Affairs, the Councils of the Organization, the Inter-American Specialized Conferences, and other organizations, agencies and entities of the Organization in the field of public international law and private international law.
  • Droit francophone (French-speaking legal information, world)
  • Electronic Foreign and Comparative Law
    By the University of Michigan Law Library.
  • Electronic Law Library - Legal Services Society of British Columbia
    Provides access to online legal resources in British Columbia and Canada, including courts, governments and legislation. The Electronic Law Library includes a comprehensive listing of sites on a range of legal topics from aboriginal law to young offenders.
  • Elexica
    Elexica offers registered users an extensive range of free and chargeable legal information including practical guides, checklists, summaries, other know-how, a legal discussions forum, an EU diary, and a virtual library of links. Mainly UK and EU information.
  • ELIXIR (European Lawyers' Information eXchange & Internet Resource)
    Provides information on the type of lawyers and their legal education and training in the EU and an initial assessment of their mobility rights within the Member States of the EU. For EU institutions; Bars and Law Societies; Academics; lawyers; students.
  • EISIL - Electronic Information System for International Law- From the American Society of International Law, EISIL is a comprehensive and sophisticated directory that covers the full spectrum of international law. An excellent resource for international law
  • European Court of Human Rights - Latest judgments and hearings.
  • Europa Homepage
    Europa is the Web site of the European Union. The structure of Europa has four main points of entry: News, Institutions, Abc, and Policies. The ultimate goal of the European Union is "an ever closer among the peoples of Europe, in which decisions are taken as closely as possible to the citizen"; the objective is to promote economic and social progress which is balanced and sustainable, assert the European identity on the international scene and introduce a European citizenship for the nationals of the Member States. This site also provides access to the servers of Parliament, the Council, the Commission, the Court of Justice, the Court of Auditors and other bodies of the European Union (EU).
  • European Union National Websites
    A large site for italian and international laws.
  • FITA (Federation of International Trade Associations)
    This international trade portal includes a search engine of links to over 4000 international trade sites, a database of member associations throughout North America, a schedule of worldwide trade fairs, a calendar of international trade events throughout the US, a directory of US based export management companies, articles about international trade and streaming audio interviews with international trade experts.
  • Foreign Trade Information System: SICE
    The "Foreign Trade Information System" (SICE for short from its Spanish acronym -- Sistema de Informacion al Comercio Exterior) -- the information technology arm of the Trade Unit of the Organization of American States (OAS). The goal of SICE is to provide the most complete information and documents on trade in the Western Hemisphere as possible. SICE centralizes the location of public -- but often difficult to locate or obtain -- documents on their Web site in the four official languages of the OAS (English, Spanish, Portuguese and French). In the section devoted to "Trade Agreements" there are full legal texts of all the trade agreements currently in force in the Western Hemisphere.
  • ForInt-Law: Foreign and International Law (Washburn Law School)
    The Foreign and International Law web is a service of the Washburn University School of Law Library providing links to primary foreign and international legal resources, research aids, and sites useful in conducting research in these areas of the law. This information is arranged by world regions and selected topics.
  • Global Law Links
    From the Jean Monnet Center, NYU School of Law
  • Global Law Review
    This website is devoted to reviews of legal titles, electronic products and law journals, interesting links, document forms, legal and business publishers and articles. Mainly India and UK.
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