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FECInfo - Discover Who Gave What to Which Federal Candidates
FECInfo is the non-partisan Federal candidate campaign money page. FECInfo's goal is to provide information about Federal candidates (in a meaningful way) to as many people as it can. This is a site to discover who gave what to which Federal candidates when...

Fedstats: One Stop Shopping for Federal Statistics
More than 70 agencies in the United States Federal Government produce statistics of interest to the public. The Federal Interagency Council on Statistical Policy maintains this site to provide easy access to the full range of statistics and information produced by these agencies for public use. FEDSTATS is designed to help find the facts you need to make personal and business decisions, and enable you to participate in the public policy debate.

FedWorld Information Network
FedWorld offers a comprehensive central access point for searching, locating, ordering and acquiring government and business information. The FedWorld Information Network consists of an integrated network offering the public broad access to information. Browse the Federal Job Announcement Database, to review the current jobs available within the U.S. Government. If you are planning vacation or business travel, surf US Customs Traveler Information. Search the Internal Revenue Service to review and download the tax forms, instructions and publications that are available for tax filing. If business information sounds more interesting, FedWorld can link you to the U.S. Business Advisor. is the "Front Door" to government services, and transactions. The site pulls together federal, state, and local government webpages. Easy to understand information and services from the government 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
A guide to the Declaration of Independence.

Gallup Organization, The
GALLUP.COM provides access to The Gallup Poll and other services of The Gallup Organization. Gallup Poll news and commentary is organized into 5 broad categories -- Politics and Elections, Business and The Economy, Social Issues and Policy, Managing, and Lifestyle -- with further subcategories and the ability to search by keyword. You can also register for Gallup's free weekly email service, which every Monday delivers summaries of the past week and previews of the coming week.

Government Resources on the Internet (The Virtual Chase)
A guide to finding and evaluating government resources (state, local and international), research examples and sample research questions.

GPO Access
Databases include: Administration Decisions; Congressional Information; Judicial Decisions; and Regulations.

Hill Newspaper, The
The Hill reports and analyzes the actions of Congress as it struggles to reconcile the needs of those it represents with the legitimate needs of the administration, lobbyists and the news media. This weekly publication explains the pressures confronting policy makers and the many ways, often unpredictable, that decisions are made.

Immigration and Naturalization Service
Have immigration issues? Visit this site.

International Code Council: ICC
A content-rich site that offers ICC News, I-Codes, Standards, Calendar, Newsletters, Government Relations, Certification, and Links to member sites and other related sites of interest.

Iowa Electronic Markets: IEM
Can markets predict outcomes of non-market events such as elections? Apparently the answer is yes -- the Iowa Political Markets have been predicting elections as well or better than polls since 1988. This is a small scale but real money futures exchange that serves as a research and teaching laboratory in the College of Business of the University of Iowa. Participation is open to anyone with Internet access and between $5 and $500 to invest. Invest and trade 24 hours a day. You're voting your pocketbook, not your preferences. If you can predict what the masses are going to do, you will walk away with a tidy profit on your investment.

A real-time database of proposed, admended, adopted, and vetoed State Bills. Also, you can check out RegAlert, a real-time database of proposed and adopted State regulations. LegAlert is a 50-state legislative database and alert service that includes all proposed state legislation, enacted legislation and admendments, fiscal information, and related documents from the U.S. State legislatures. Fee based.

Legislative Source Book (LLSDC)
The Law Librarians' Society of Washington, D.C.'s Legislative Research Special Interest Section created this site, which contains a wealth of legislative research tools. Included on the site is a table that gives you the current status of selected federal legislation on hundreds of topics, a comparison table on most Internet and online sources of U.S. legislative information, and a table on congressional and presidential publication volumes and issuance from 1789 to the present. Additionally, you will find weekly lists of newly published congressional hearings by the U.S. Government Printing Office as well quick links to their locations on the Internet.

LexisNexis Congressional
LexisNexis Congressional combines the reliable indexing and abstracting of the Index to Publications of the United States Congress from 1970, with hearing transcripts, committee reports, bills, public laws, selected committee prints, Congressional Record, Federal Register, CFR and current U.S. Code - in all, a wealth of information published by and about Congress.

National Archives and Records Administration

National Journal - The Latest Political News
The National Journal provides information on politics and policy. It offers online delivery of most National Group daily publications, plus a host of additional commentary, news and resource materials. (Center for Responsive Politics)
The online source for money in politics data.

Political Advocacy Groups
Political advocacy groups in the U.S.

Political Resources on the Net
A website with links to political parties, governments, organizations and media all around the world.

Political Science - University of British Columbia Library

Politics: powered by Slate

Provides Internet information and tools for political professionals including: fundraising on the Internet; information about the Internet and Politics; NetPulse - a free biweekly e-journal of politicking on the Internet.
An independent, nonpartisan resource on polling data and trends in American public opinion.

Project Vote Smart
This national non-partisan, non-profit effort researches, tracks and provides to the public independent factual information on over 13,000 candidates and elected officials. Voting records, campaign issue positions, performance evaluations by special interests, campaign contributions, backgrounds, previous experience, and contact information are available. Compare the campaign promises of elected officials with their actual job performance once in office.

The President Calling
Recorded telephone conversations of John F. Kennedy, Lyndon B. Johnson, Richard M. Nixon. Eavesdrop to hear how each man used one-on-one politics to shape history.

Public Agenda Online
Public Agenda Online is a nonpartisan, nonprofit public opinion research and citizen education organization based in New York City. It was founded in 1975 by social scientist and author Daniel Yankelovich and former Secretary of State Cyrus Vance.

RAND is a nonprofit institution that helps improve policy analysis and decisionmaking through research and analysis. Their web site includes a searchable database of RAND's research--dating back to the early 1950s--and many RAND documents in PDF format. Information on RAND's research centers and institutes is also presented, including the Institute for Civil Justice and RAND's Criminal Justice Program.

RealClearPolitics - news and information concerning politics

Richard Kimber's Political Science Resources (University of Keele)

Roper Center for Public Opinion Research
The Roper Center exists to promote the intelligent, responsible, and imaginative use of public opinion in addressing the problems faced by Americans and citizens of other nations. Through the maintenance of the large archive of public opinion data and through its programs of publication, presentation and advanced research, the Roper Center strives to improve the practice of survey research and use of survey data in the US and abroad.

Send E-Mail to Politicians: Mr. Smith E-Mails (INFOSEARCH)
Mr. Smith E-Mails Washington(sm) and Mr. Smith E-Mails the Media(sm) provide a graphical interface to send e-mail to members of Congress as well as a 'letter to the editor' to a variety of newspapers and magazines. This site has received a number of awards including being selected as a "Hot Site" by USA Today.

Social Security Online (Social Security Administration)
This site contains information about retirement, survivors and disability insurance benefits, supplemental security income, wage reporting information for employers, publications, FAQs, news, online direct services.

Statistical Abstract of the United States

THOMAS-U.S. Congress on the Internet
Acting under the directive of the leadership of the 104th Congress to make Federal legislative information freely available to the Internet public, a Library of Congress team brought the THOMAS Web system online in January 1995. The first database made available was Bill Text, followed shortly by Congressional Record Text, Bill Summary & Status, Hot Bills (now called "Congress This Week" and "Major Legislation"), the Congressional Record Index, and the Constitution (now found, along with other historical Congressional documents, under the "Historical Documents" category). Enhancements in the types of legislative data available, as well as in search and display capabilities, have been continuously added.

University of Michigan Documents Center: Government Resources on the Web
A comprehensive directory of international, foreign, and domestic legal documents. Also provides statistics and information for elections.

U.S. Census Bureau
Your source for social, demographic, and economic information, the Census Bureau web site is designed to enable intuitive use of its Internet offerings. This site is designed so users need not be familiar with the Census Bureau's internal organizational structure to effectively locate and use the resources that the site has to offer.

U.S. Constitution and Fascinating Facts About It, The
Content from this site is from The U.S. Constitution And Fascinating Facts About It, the Declaration of Independence, the Bill of Rights and much more. Also included is information about the Founding Fathers and the Supreme Court. An invaluable reference guide for all citizens.

U.S. Copyright Office
Here you will find all the Copyright office's key publications, including informational circulars; application forms for copyright registration; links to the copyright law and to the home pages of other copyright-related organizations; news of what the Office is doing, including Congressional testimony and news releases; the Office's latest regulations; a link to the Office's online copyright records cataloged since 1978; and much more.

U.S. House of Representatives
Schedule information, summary of debate on the House floor for the current legislative day, general information, legislative information, vote information, find a bill or law, Committees search, representative search.

U.S. House of Representatives Roll Call Votes
Compiled through the electronic voting machine by the House Tally Clerks under the direction of the Clerk of the House. Also find bill summary and status, bill text, public laws, rules of the U.S. House of Representatives, House floor proceedings and Congressional schedule.

U.S. Patent & Trademark Office
For over 200 years, the basic role of the Patent and Trademark Office (PTO) has remained the same: to promote the progress of science and useful arts by securing for limited times to inventors the exclusive right to their respective discoveries (Article 1, Section 8 of the United States Constitution). The primary services PTO provides include processing patents and trademarks and disseminating patent and trademark information.

U.S. Senate
Recent floor activity, floor schedule, Committee information and schedule, Senate news, contact your senator, biographical directory, organizational chart, Senate rules, Senate legislative process, bill search, active legislation, find votes, legislative statistics, lobbying disclosure, Senate history and historical photographs.

Vera Institute of Justice
The Vera Institute of Justice is a private nonprofit organization dedicated to making government policies and practices fairer, more humane, and more efficient. Vera operates demonstration projects and conducts original research in the areas of policing, crime and victimization, juvenile justice, youth and violence, sentencing and corrections, prosecution, and indigent defense. The website contains descriptions of Vera's work and publications, as well as links to many justice system resources.

Visa Services (US State Department)
Useful for general visa and green card information. This site is maintained by the U.S. State Department.


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