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Bartlett's Quotations (Columbia University) - Passages, Phrases and Proverbs
A collection of passages, phrases, and proverbs traced to their sources in ancient and modern literature. Arranged by Chronological Index of Primary Authors and Alphabetical Index of All Authors. You may also search Bartlett's using standard word search methods.

Basic Guide to Citing Government Publications (Uncle Sam)
Examples based on the Chicago/Turabian standard bibliographic style and not reference-list form. You may need to modify the citation to conform to the manual/form you are required to use.

Basic Legal Citation Introduction (LII 2003 ed.)
This citation primer is based on the Sixteenth Edition of the "Bluebook." This document links, point by point, to the disk version of this material held on the LII's Folio Webserver.

Calculators On-Line: Martindale's "The Reference Desk"
Very extensive collection of online calculators. There are online calculators for Finance, Automobile, Home & Office, Home Repair & Construction, Insurance, Management/Business, Medical & Health, Science, Navigation, Law, Marriage, Postal, Investments, Mathematics, Engineering, Engineering: Electrical and Computer, and many more.

Checker's Guide, from the NYU Law Library

"Elements of Style" by Strunk and White (Columbia University)
This book aims to give in brief space the principal requirements of plain English style by concentrating attention on a few essentials, the rules of usage and principles of composition most commonly violated. (SRC)
Provides free unlimited access to 10 different reports using US Census data. Instantly generate reports for any geography in the US. Also create radius reports for any address in the entire US.

Legal Dictionary ( - A Searchable Legal Dictionary
The world's first Internet hyperlinked legal dictionary.

Statistical Abstract of the United States - U.S. Census Bureau
Statistical Abstract tables for a variety of subjects; Law Enforcement, Courts, and Prison; State and Local Government; Elections; Health and Nutrition; Education; Vital Statistics; Population; Geography and Environment; Labor Force, Employment, and Earnings; Social Insurance and Human Services; Comparative International Statistics and much more. Tables are in PDF format.

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